Turning Students into Entrepreneurs with Harmony Plus

June 10, 2020 (San Francisco, CA)

Students learning about the importance of entrepreneurship for social change

Future Entrepreneur Challenge

Entrepreneurship and innovation are invaluable aspects of business and society, for which the world would not be the same without. Through creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, the world continues to change and evolve, giving us new technologies and services that improve our life every day.

Here at Harmony Plus, we believe in the power of education as a tool to empower and inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators. Our Future Entrepreneur Challenge (FEC) equips students with the professional development, mentorship, and entrepreneurial skills they need to bring their ideas to life and make the world a better place.

The FEC is an 8-module program structured as a startup competition for students interested in entrepreneurship. Through this program, students develop a framework for understanding product development, idea evaluation, and customer discovery by validating their testable prototypes directly with their target audience. The program aims to provide essential entrepreneurial skills and tangible frameworks such as problem and solution evaluation, customer discovery, customer acquisition, business model design, MVP development, and value proposition design.

Through 16 hours of instruction and mentorship from experienced tech professionals, students will develop real products and pitch to a panel of Silicon Valley investors. Students will also foster lasting connections with prominent executives and gain important experience to help attain internships at high-growth startups.

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Meet the Instructor

Massi Genta

Massi Genta

Massi is a serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He is an Entrepreneur in Residence at NEC X as the CEO of Metabob, the AI-powered visualization, and coding tool, as well as Clyste, a community-owned and AI-driven social media, and Snstk, a sensor company winning a government-funded startup competition in Korea. Through his work with the Harmony Plus Future Entrepreneur Challenge, he provides instruction and mentorship to young professionals who then pitch to investors and startups for internships and fundraising.

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