Meet Harmony Plus’ new intern

Please welcome Bria Rosenberg, a senior at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration and Political Economy and a fierce climate activist. She recently accepted an internship position with Harmony Plus in hopes of utilizing her marketing and content creation experience to revolutionize the company. Her passion in Business Administration and Political Economy stems from the belief that both fields are inadvertently intertwined.

“I’m really interested in the intersection between the government, the economy, and business and how each influences each other. I also think it is fascinating to see how different societies and cultures interact with one other as well, which is why I love my Political Economy major. I’m also very passionate about business and specifically marketing, as I get to combine both practical and creative skills.”

Bria’s curiosity has led her around the world where she’s helped SimilarWeb in Tel Aviv, Israel and VIA Technologies in Taipei, Taiwan working in Marketing and Business Development. In addition to her hands-on international experience, she’s also focused on improving herself through taking courses at UC Berkeley such as “Becoming a Changemaker.” During this course, she learned from a successful entrepreneur the tools necessary to become a confident leader.

Bria is on track to pursue her career aspirations in marketing management for an innovative technology company. She’s already amassed immense marketing experience during her undergraduate studies with UC Berkeley Haas. Nonetheless, she also understands that education is the underlying foundation of growth, leadership, and confidence, which is why she decided to intern with Harmony Plus.

“Education is extremely important and I love that Harmony Plus places so much emphasis on empowerment through education. I also appreciate that the company aims to educate people of all ages and experience levels, from middle schoolers to company executives. I really resonate with the company’s core values as well.”

We commend Bria for her commitment to empower future generations. Please keep a lookout for Bria’s contributions this summer and check out her LinkedIn page for “Finding Happiness Amidst This Crisis.”

Harmony Plus International Education Institute is an official partner of well-known universities and institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford International Research Institute, San Jose State University, etc. We are committed to bringing top instructors, elite courses, and high-quality educational resources from top schools in the US to students in the Bay Area.

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