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Jul 6, 2020

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FEC Scholarship Recipients

Please join us in congratulating our Future Entrepreneurship Challenge (FEC) scholarship recipients! Read more about what they had to say below.

Melissa Garcia is a first-generation student aspiring to create her own company one day. In addition, she wants to help create a scholarship program for first-generation and low-income students. When asked why she joined FEC, she responded with:

“I’m a hard worker and a perseverant student. I always advocate for myself when I need help. A significant influence is my family because I want to give back to them, and I feel this [program] would be a way to show them my appreciation.”

In her spare time, Melissa attends College Track where she plans to attend a university on the East Coast to major in Business. Melissa also spends her free time doing Baile Folklorico — a traditional Mexican dance.

Paulina Gutierrez Carmona is a first generation student with a deep passion in environmental sustainability. When asked why she was interested in entrepreneurship, she responded with:

“My parents are both self employed, and my dad enjoys what he does and is passionate about the small business our family started two years ago. I aspire to do something similar, what I love, and share that passion with others.”

Paulina spends her free time attending both College Track and Foundation for a College Education (FCE) in hopes of attending a university that specializes in Environmental Science. In addition, she is part of her school’s varsity cheer team and president of the Latinos Unidos of Menlo Atherton (LUMA) club.

Alaa Khabaza is a first generation student in the United States. Alaa grew up in Aleppo, Syria for seven years before moving with his family to the United States. When asked why he is interested in entrepreneurship, he responded with:

“I believe that I am a very outgoing and confident person and I love to discover new things. If things get challenging or difficult, I stay resilient and overcome those challenges because I am a person that doesn’t give up - much like entrepreneurs. I believe that nothing comes easy, therefore, you always have to challenge yourself in order to get what you want.”

Alaa spends his free time attending College Track in hopes of attending a university with a major related to STEM. While he is still unsure of what major he wants to pursue, he currently has a deep interest in Biology. Alaa is also proud to be bilingual in both English and Arabic and hopes to use his Arabic to bring positive change into the world.