Extracurricular Activity, Trainee, and Internship Club–Students’ Path to Success

Today’s students find themselves in a competitive world. Good grades and a strong GPA aren’t enough to guarantee a spot at a top-ranking college or a dream job. They need an edge to make themselves more attractive to colleges and workplaces. This is where extracurricular activities and internships come in. But these activities aren’t just playing sports with friends — they are activities that fall outside the classroom and studies. Plus, they require regular time commitment and dedication. With so much already weighing on students academically, how do you choose the extracurriculars and opportunities that provide the most benefit? With a program designed to do just that.

Introducing Extracurricular Activity, Trainee, and Internship Club (EATIC)

Harmony Plus has created the Extracurricular Activity, Trainee, and Internship Club (EATIC), offering children a chance to experience valuable activities outside the traditional classroom format while helping them reach their full potential. Harmony Plus recognizes just how competitive the college and job application processes are, so they’ve designed EATIC to give your child an edge in a multitude of ways.

Benefits of EATIC

Your child doesn’t need to worry about falling behind with their grades by joining a club outside of school. The extracurricular activities and internship opportunities offered by EATIC allows them to grow personally and academically through practical, hands-on experiences. They develop essential soft skills, such as leadership, management, and teamwork. As children go through EATIC, they grow in their confidence and abilities, both of which will help them shine in and out of the classroom.

EATIC works closely with famous Silicon Valley (yes, the home of world-famous, successful startups and entrepreneurs) non-profit organizations, companies, and educational institutions to provide each child with valuable personal and professional support. These consultants share exclusive internships and extracurricular activities found only in Silicon Valley, providing unique access to new interests and opportunities. Some examples of the extracurricular activities and internships available through EATIC are:

  • Campaign Internships
  • Wells Fargo Internship

Whether your child knows what they want to be or is still contemplating their options, EATIC will help them to find their passion by broadening their view.

Social opportunities aren’t just about making new friends. EATIC recognizes just how beneficial a social network can be, especially when applying for jobs (hello networking!). To allow every child to expand their social circle, EATIC is broken up into sub-groups:

  • EATIC — College Group
  • EATIC — High School Group
  • EATIC — Middle School Group
  • And more!

By breaking up into these sub-groups, children can connect with other outstanding students in EATIC, who are potential project collaborators for each other. Plus, these sub-groups allow individual them to have access to the most opportunities available, such as soft skill development.

Without much job experience, extracurriculars and internships are some of the ways hiring managers determine work ethic and abilities. Leadership is one of the most important soft skills colleges and jobs look for, but it’s also one of the hardest to quantify. Through EATIC, your child will have the chance to obtain leadership experience through their sub-groups by taking on positions such as:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Social Media Leader

In addition to these long-term leadership positions, students will also have the chance to play short-term leadership roles in EATIC events, such as:

  • Guest Speaker
  • Discussion Leader

Since these leadership positions are voluntary, Harmony Plus records and certifies all of these leadership hours as volunteer hours. For students who accumulate enough volunteer hours, Harmony Plus will award the President’s Volunteer Service Award, which can be included on college applications. And if that’s not enough, these roles can also be added to a resume!

As stated earlier, your child will have a hard time getting into college without extracurriculars. Colleges want to see that they’ve gone beyond just the classroom to participate meaningfully in other activities. Once in EATIC, your child will have the option to join bi-weekly workshops, webinars, and discussion sessions on extracurricular activities and internships. Through these online workshops, students gain hands-on experience as well as develop essential skills, such as leadership, management, and teamwork abilities. Exclusive EATIC workshop topics include:

  • Résumé workshop
  • Cover letter workshop
  • Networking workshop
  • LinkedIn workshop
  • Interview workshop
  • Project development workshop (with advisor consultation & feedback)
  • How to find an internship
  • And more!

With such a wide range of topics available, EATIC is the perfect way for your child to get involved in activities and craft a stellar application.

Choose the membership that works for you

If you can’t wait for your child to join EATIC and get a jump start on these benefits it offers, then membership is the perfect way to take advantage of EATIC. There are four levels of memberships: Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum. Becoming a member at any level allows students to join a members-only EATIC group on Slack to learn about internship opportunities, activity opportunities, application help, job opportunities, and more. Your child will also receive access to apply for exclusive internship opportunities curated by Harmony Plus and more. Sold yet? Here’s a closer look at the benefits your child will enjoy at every membership level:

At only $99/month for non-Harmony Plus students (only $49/month for those already enrolled in HP), a Bronze membership is the easiest way to join EATIC and benefit from the program. Students will enjoy all the standard membership benefits and opportunities mentioned above. This level is perfect for any young or extremely busy student.

The Silver membership offers the standard membership benefits from Bronze, plus some extras. With Silver memberships, students will enjoy one-on-one training sessions (one time each) in interview training, resume writing, and cover letter editing. They will also have two exclusively cultivated meetings with employees from renowned organizations, as well as having the opportunity to contribute to the Harmony Plus EATIC Portfolio. The latter helps build both soft and hard skills as students will write a report about each discussion opportunity and deliver a presentation based on each report. At $2,999/year for non-HP students (only $1,999 for current HP students), Silver is the perfect membership for students to take their skills to the next level.

Students looking for a personalized experience should consider a Gold membership. With all the standard benefits, plus the benefits from Silver, Gold also adds in some extra services: Students will have the opportunity to interview top executives through five exclusive interviews that include a one-hour meeting with each executive, plus the possibility of a work experience. For a fully individualized experience, students will have one-on-one mentorship from industry leaders, as well as other networking and job shadowing opportunities personally arranged by the HP founders. At $9,999/year for non-HP students ($8,999/year for current HP students), Gold membership is truly worth its weight in the precious metal.

If your student is ready to soar to the top of the application pool, the Platinum membership is the way to go. While the price is to be negotiated, the benefits are invaluable. Including the standard membership benefits plus all the benefits from the Gold level, Platinum adds in exclusive VIP services to help your student.

Whatever membership level you choose, EATIC offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance for your child to take full advantage of extracurriculars and internships, while growing their skills and interests. By gaining these kinds of experiences, your child will have an unbeatable edge for college and future employment. And right now, with extracurricular and internship opportunities becoming harder to find during the COVID-19 pandemic, EATIC will help your child become a stand-out success, ready for anything they want to accomplish. What are you waiting for? Jumpstart their future with Harmony Plus.

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