Breaking News — Future Entrepreneur Challenge (FEC) students enter the semi-finals of the Diamond Challenge!

Recently, the university application process has changed and the importance of standardized test scores has been declining. Universities are now paying more attention to applicants’ soft skills, like leadership, and extracurricular activities. Students who achieve high rankings or outstanding performances in academic competitions and activities are greatly favored by university admissions officers. As a result, extracurricular activities and competitions are becoming more and more popular for students. One of the most notable competitions is the Diamond Challenge, a popular business competition in the US. This is one fierce competition — a total of 1,900 people participated in this year’s competition and over 850 teams submitted their works. Two entrepreneurial teams, Dream Accelerator and Oppordemic, from the Harmony Plus Future Entrepreneur Challenge (FEC), successfully entered the live pitching round of the Diamond Challenge. Here’s a little bit more about them:

Live Pitching Round Invitation

Dream Accelerator

The Dream Accelerator team consists of high school students in California and Massachusetts, aiming to help high school students raise funds for extracurricular clubs. Dream Accelerator will be launched in May this year.


The Oppordemic team consists of three California high school students, aspiring to provide high school students with personalized academic and career guidance resources and opportunities. Oppordemic will be launched in May this year.

These two teams stood out among the 850 participating teams because of their strength and received this exclusive invitation to the next round of the Diamond Challenge:

Introduction to the Diamond Challenge Business Competition

Encompassing the entrepreneurial spirit of a generation, the Diamond Challenge is committed to sharing the career path of entrepreneurship with high school students and training them for success. Founded in 2012 by the Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware, the challenge invites corporate executives and university professors from all over the world to participate while offering their direct guidance to the students. With free participation and substantial prize money, the competition has built an impressive reputation in the US. Since its establishment, tens of thousands of high school students from 35 countries have participated, and some of the outstanding students have gone on to attend Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Georgetown, and other top American universities.

The Diamond Challenge is a very popular competition. So if you’re looking to join and do well, it’s recommended by educators to participate in business-related activities first, so that you have a strong foundation and can better plan strategies. For example, the two teams entering the semi-finals this time are all students of the Harmony Plus Future Entrepreneur Challenge. In the FEC course, they learned entrepreneurship with Teacher Massi, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur. He took them from finding a problem and solution to market customer research to creating business models, financial calculations, and building products, to finally completing a complete business plan. The students formed teams with like-minded individuals to present in front of investors in Silicon Valley, practicing their new knowledge and growing their skills. Success is hard-won, and it is with the help of the FEC courses that these two teams were able to lay a foundation for their success in the Diamond Challenge.

FEC Course Introduction

Harmony Plus’s Future Entrepreneur Challenge (FEC) is an entrepreneurial training and high-end professional competition developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, angel investors, and senior technical experts. Developed for middle and high school students, it is based on Stanford’s design thinking theory and combined with lean entrepreneurship methodology. By integrating Silicon Valley’s innovation and entrepreneurial resources, this program guides students and helps them design business plans. After in-depth training, students participate in a competition where Silicon Valley investors and senior experts serve as judges. The students with outstanding performances can establish contacts with influential investors and have the opportunity to be selected for the second-level incubator project!

With experienced mentors, innovative educational concepts, visionary training models, and definitive entrepreneurial practices, the Future Entrepreneur Challenge has been sought after by students since its launch. The course consists of:

  • A mini MBA-style program, synchronized with Silicon Valley incubators, where students learn the business framework and entrepreneurial knowledge.
  • Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as student mentors and guides.
  • Teamwork with like-minded students, collaboration in groups, and improving soft skills such as teamwork ability.
  • Perfect for 8th-12th grade students.


Mr. Massi G.

Currently, nearly 400 students have participated in this exclusive entrepreneurship training and challenge.

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