Addressing Current Events in Writing Classes

How do you address current events in class? When history is happening all the time, writing can be one of the best ways for students to process and get the facts right.

Our instructors have no problem modifying the curriculum on the fly, and that’s what star instructor Moses did this past Saturday for the final meeting of his nonfiction writing course! Students began the lesson with a review of finding accurate sources, before putting theory to practice by researching the recent DC protests. This will be a very valuable skill for them as they progress towards middle school!

Later the students did a mock thesis-defense based on the persuasive essays they have developed in class. Topics ranged from “coding programs should more actively try to recruit girls,” to “schools should provide free lunches” to “tennis courts should design machines to return balls to players,” and more! Our students actively listened to each thesis, provided potential counterarguments, and helped each other generate more research! It was a sad goodbye at the end of the course, but we know we will be seeing these students again soon!

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